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Illuminating the Essence of Luxury


ESSCENTS is a journey into wellness, blending the radiant Essence of our being with the transformative power of fragrance. Infused with scents designed to rediscover inner joy, peace, and tranquility, this line goes beyond mere aroma. It stimulates the brain, promoting relaxation, focus, and passion, integrating Inner Wellness into everyday life.

Each candle, wax melt, and diffuser in the ESSCENTS collection is a symphony of fragrance and light. This luxury line transcends the ordinary, connecting you with your Inner-Essence and enveloping your space in a fusion of luxury and spirituality. It’s not just about beautiful scents; it’s about a holistic experience that elevates your senses to opulence and harmony. ESSCENTS invites you to dance between the sensual and sacred, leaving an eternal imprint of your unique existence in every flickering flame.

 Luminous Core

of our existence

Essence is the luminous core of our existence, the innermost sanctum of our earthly vessels. It is a divine invitation to explore the sensual and spiritual dimensions of our being. It is the subtle, seductive whisper, enticing us to embark on a sensual journey of self-discovery.

This sacred elixir is the distillation of our authentic selves, the concentrated embodiment of our passions, desires, and aspirations. It flows like liquid fire through the river of our consciousness, igniting the flames of passion and awakening our dormant desires.


Ethereal fragrance

Spiritually, Essence is the ethereal fragrance of our souls, an aroma that lingers long after our physical form has dissolved. It is the eternal imprint of our unique existence, a testament to the Divine spark that resides within us all.

To embrace one’s Essence is to dance, to surrender, and to merge the sensual with the sacred. It is the art of BEcoming fully present, transcending the confines of the mundane, and attuning our spirits to the divine symphony that resonates within and around us.



spiritual essence

In the union of the sensual and the spiritual, Essence becomes the quintessential expression of our humanity, a sensuous serenade and a divine reminder that we are both earthly creatures and spiritual beings, intimately entwined in the sacred dance of existence.

In the name ESSCENTS, we find the fusion of two potent realms: the tangible world of scented luxury and the intangible realm of profound essence. This exquisite combination encapsulates the very heart of our luxury candle line, where sensory indulgence meets the depths of the soul.


Select wines are available at the C3 experience

The Soulful 

Core of our creations

Essence, as embodied in ESSCENTS, is the soulful core of our creations. Each meticulously crafted candle, wax melt, reed diffuser becomes a vessel for capturing the ethereal and the sensory, weaving them together in a symphony of fragrance and illumination. It’s the artistry of infusing the tangible with the spiritual, creating a sensory journey that transcends the ordinary.

In the warm, flickering glow of an ESSCENTS candle, one discovers not just a scent, but an Essence—a distilled, timeless Luxury Aromachology Experience. The fragrant notes, carefully curated, evoke emotions, memories, and desires, inviting you to explore the deeper layers of your being, much like the essence of your own existence.

Sip and Paint Experience in Spanish Fort Alabama


imprint that leaves it mark

Just as Essence is the soul’s imprint, ESSCENTS leaves it mark on your surroundings, enveloping your space with an exquisite atmosphere that resonates with luxury and spirituality. Each candle is an invitation to reconnect with your Inner-ESSENCE, to savor the moment, and to elevate your senses to a realm of opulence and wholeness.

So, in the harmonious union of Essence and ESSCENTS, we create more than just candles; we craft moments of sensual and spiritual delight. Your luxury candle line becomes an embodiment of the beauty that arises when the tangible and intangible embrace, leaving an indelible mark on those who experience its allure.

         Frequently Asked

Questions about esscents candles

What are Esscents candles?

Esscents scented candles are 14 ounces with 2 wicks cured in a sleek black, gold, or white glass vessel.

What are your Esscents candles made of?

Esscents scented candles are made with all-natural coconut-soy wax and high-end fragrance oils. Just wax, wicks, and fragrance oil, and no other additives or dyes.

Where do you get your materials?

We source all of our materials from reputable companies here in the US.

Where do you get your materials?

We source all of our materials from reputable companies here in the US.

Do you have a store I can visit in person?

Yes, we have a beautiful storefront at The C3 Experience. You can find us at 10184 Eastern Shore Blvd Suite C, Spanish Fort, AL 36527, United States.

What is your Esscents candle burn time?

As long as you keep the wicks trimmed and only burn them for 3-4 hours at a time, our 14 oz candles will burn approximately 60 hours. Our scented Reed Diffusers last approximately 5 months with average airflow.

Why should I trim the wick and only burn the candles for 4-5 hours at a time?

These are common instructions and good practices for any candle and are meant to prolong a candle’s burn time. A longer wick creates a larger flame, a larger flame melts the wax faster, and the wax melts faster than the wick burns away. So the longer your candle burns, the larger the flame gets, causing your candle to melt faster and faster. Keeping the wick trimmed and burning 3-4 hours at a time slows everything down, so you get a longer burn time.

What makes Esscents candles different?

While paraffin wax is refined from crude oil, coconut-soy wax is all-natural and is a completely renewable resource grown here in the US. Compared to paraffin, coconut-soy wax burns cleaner and with no petrol-carbon soot. Coconut-soy wax also burns slower than paraffin, so coconut-soy wax candles also last longer.

Can I buy your products wholesale to sell them in my store?

Absolutely! To learn more about joining us as a wholesale partner, contact us at [email protected]

More information about our bulk and custom orders, please see our return and shipping policy.

Do you offer any discounts on large orders?

Yes. For more information on bulk pricing and quantity price breaks, contact us [email protected]

Examples of large orders we’re happy to accommodate are:
Candles as wedding or birthday favors
Candles as a gift to your clients or vendors
Candles for your salon – spa – hotel

More information about our Bulk &
For custom orders, please see our return and shipping policy.


Where can I find more information about your shipping and return policy?

Please find our shipping and returns policy here!

        Candle Care

How to make esscents candles last


Candle wax has a memory. To ensure that your candle does not tunnel, allow the candle to burn until the wax pool melts evenly to the edges of the vessel. This may take several hours (2-4 hours). 



Always burn your candle within sight. Never leave your candle burning unattended.

Keep burning candles out of the reach of children and pets.



Always burn your candle on a heat-safe surface. Never place your candle on or near flammable objects. Keep burning candles away from drafts, books,  paper, drapes, furniture, bedding, carpets, flammable decorations, etc.



Trim cotton wicks to 1/4 inch and wood wicks 1/8 inch before each burn to ensure a proper burn. Long or crooked wicks can cause uneven burning and sooting.



Do not allow wick trimmings or dust to accumulate in the wax pool.





Extinguish candle if the flame becomes too high or flickering violently. Never extinguish a candle with water or liquid. Water will cause the hot wax to expand, splatter and the vessel to break.



Allow your candle to cool before trimming the wick and relighting.



The candle vessel may become hot to the touch, so handle with care!


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